About Me



Thanks for visiting my website.  I am assuming the reason you’re here is that you’ve read one or more of my books.  That’s great!  I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.  But, if you just stumbled upon this site, let me introduce myself– My name is Theresa Parker and I’m an author.  I’m also an avid reader, but I suppose most authors are.  I live in sunny California with my husband.  I get to spend my days on the computer writing, searching, laughing, and making new friends.  You can usually find me lurking on Facebook.  I often keep it open in the background while I’m working.  I’ve found it’s the best way to stay in contact with friends, fans, and other authors.  Feel free to like my page.  Go ahead, it’s okay.  I like to post funny stuff and I don’t push my books so much that you want to stick a fork in your eye so you don’t have to see the posts anymore.


 See, that wasn’t so hard.  Now, I suppose you’re wondering why you can’t leave a comment here, on this website.  You can, it’s just you have to do it with this form:  CONTACT ME.  This is to prevent those computer nerds who use their powers for evil instead of good to stop sending their evil minion robots to leave comments.

I’m sure you’ve seen them on other websites and blogs.  You know, those comments that, at first glance seem legit, but when you continue reading you realize that it’s just a bunch of random words put together and makes no sense at all.  Yep, those are the ones.  Nasty little buggers.  They invaded me a few months back and tried their best to get into the admin part of the site.  They even went so far as to sign up for my newsletter so they can try to back door their way in.  What a mess to deal with.  Thanks to a computer savvy angel, those robots are now being directed to the Homeland Security website, mwa-ha-ha-ha!  So go ahead and sign up for my newsletter.  It’s safe and secure and a great way to find out about new releases, sneak peaks, drawings, and freebies.  For those of you who signed up previously, we are trying to get you back on the list but we would appreciate it if you would just sign up again.  That way we can all be assured that you won’t miss out on anything.

Feel free to use the CONTACT ME form to ask questions, let me know how you like the books, or to just say “Hi!”  I will try to answer back within 24 hours so don’t freak out if you don’t hear from me right away.

Well, it looks like I’m being long-winded as usual, so I will leave you with some random facts:

1.  I’m afraid of heights and roller coasters scare the crap out of me.

2.  I hate shopping.  I want to just get in and get out.  Don’t make me browse!

3.  I’m addicted to Pepsi.  It’s my last vice (I stopped smoking a few years ago) and I passed my love for Pepsi on to Andromeda.

4.  My most all-time favorite author is Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I will read anything she writes!

So now that you know a little bit about me, sign up for the newsletter, like me on face book, and come back to visit from time to time.