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I just received an awesome review from Readers’ Favorite!  I entered Lightning Strikes in their yearly contest and with my submission came a review.  Check out the review below and follow the blue button that says “Readers’ Favorite” back and see the review on the Readers’ Favorite site.  Feel free to leave a comment or your own mini review while you are there.

Reviewed By:  Anne-Marie Reynolds

Review Rating:   5 Stars

Lightning Strikes (An Andromeda Spencer Novel, book 1) by Theresa Parker is a paranormal mystery story. Andromeda Spencer was struck by lightning when she was 15 and was in a coma for a month. Not long afterwards, she discovered that she had a few special abilities that she didn’t have before, like knowing where to find things and people, and she can see ghosts. Captain Johnson hires her to help the police out on occasion with missing person cases and the latest case involves children. Detective Nick Cavanagh is partnered with her and he doesn’t believe that Rommy, as she is known, has any special abilities. With failure not an option, Nick Cavanagh is nearing the end of his tether as the case seems to be going nowhere and is about to drop Rommy from the case. Will that stop her? Join Andromeda and her narcoleptic cat as she battles bats, skunks, and Nick Cavanagh in a race against time to find the kids before it is too late.

Lightning Strikes (An Andromeda Spencer Novel, book 1) by Theresa Parker was a fantastic read. Right from page one, the action drew me in and it was action all the way. This is a funny story with some great bantering between characters and the plot was nothing short of ingenious. The characters were a real mixed bag; a woman who sees ghosts, her sister who runs a Gothic nightclub, zany parents, and Nana with dementia (you just don’t know what she’s going to do next!). Not to mention the hottest detective ever! This is one of those stories that I just couldn’t put down, didn’t want to put down if truth be told, and the only disappointment was the fact that it ended. Definitely looking forward to book 2 and, for a debut author, this is a fabulous start.

Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite


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