Lightning Strikes


An Andromeda Spencer Novel, Book 1

Warning!  Do Not Read in Public.

May Cause Uncontrollable Outbursts of Laughter!


As if being struck by lightning wasn’t bad enough. I spent a month in a coma. Of course that was when I was a teenager. It left me with some pretty unusual abilities. For instance, I can find just about anything or anyone. Oh, and I can see ghosts, too!

I pick up extra cash working with the local P.D. I’m their go-to girl when they have someone they need to find. Despite all of this, my life is pretty boring — that is until the very hot Detective Nick Cavanaugh came into my life. Boy did we get off on the wrong foot. I was asked to pair up with Detective Cavanaugh to look for three missing children. Did I mention that he doesn’t believe in my superpowers?

When we discover the children have been kidnapped, the search takes us up into the mountains and old mining towns. With time running out and my abilities going wonky, Cavanaugh is ready to drop me from the case.

Pffft! As if that will stop me!

—Andromeda Spencer

Lightning Strikes

An Andromeda Spencer Novel, Book 1

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